MLA–Comics Theory Roundtable

This is the second of our three official events at the next MLA convention, to be held in Vancouver, Thursday through Sunday, 8-11 January 2015:

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720. Comics Theory Roundtable


Sunday, 11 January 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., West 214, VCC West

Program arranged by the Discussion Group on Comics and Graphic Narratives

Presiding: Martha B. Kuhlman, Bryant Univ.

Speakers: Michael A. Chaney, Dartmouth Coll.; Hugo Frey, Univ. of Chichester; Jared Gardner, Ohio State Univ., Columbus; Fabrice Leroy, Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette; Barbara Postema, Ryerson Polytechnic Univ.

This roundtable analyzes interdisciplinary approaches to studying comics. Comics theory includes semiotics, film theory, linguistics, visual studies, and narrative theory, among other disciplines. The scholars examine to what extent these discourses are in conversation with one another and seek connections among them.


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