KUOW in Seattle pays attention!

KUOW 94.9 FM in Seattle

This morning Seattle’s NPR affiliate station, KUOW (Puget Sound Public Radio), ran a segment on its weekly morning show, Weekday, inspired by our panel, How Seattle Changed Comics.

Listen to Weekday to hear scholars Susan Kirtley and Christopher Pizzino discuss comics in and of Seattle with host Steve Scher:


Congratulations, Susan and Chris, for this terrific interview!

(The comics segment begins at about 33:40 in the podcast.)

We’re all at the MLA now, and getting ready for our panels. Onward!

One Response to KUOW in Seattle pays attention!

  1. Margaret Lee says:

    Thanks to Steve Scher for devoting part of his Weekday program on Thursday to a discussion of comic books and, drawing attention to Seattle’s place in the development of this genre. It gave me a glimpse of art/writing I didn’t know yet existed. (My comic book reading occurred in the 40’s, until Mr. Crumb, Krazy Kat and other 60’s fare came along.)

    And thank you, Susan Kirtley and Christopher Pizzino for making the effort to be on this program.

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